About Us

Who We Are

Speedbagabling is owned and operated by Alan Kahn, Author of "The Speed Bag Bible" Book and video training series. I've been an avid speed bagger for over 40 years. Although Speed Bag is an important part of "Boxing" I have found there is a much larger group of speed bag enthusiasts, (Dare I say "addicts") whose love of speed bag specifically goes far beyond boxing. We "Punch Drum" to music on the speed bag, we hold gatherings to meet and celebrate our love for speed bagging, and we are now a world wide community - teaching each other online and sharing video's. But the Speed Bag Community did NOT have any supporting "merch" or "Bling" to wear and show the world.  Now we do. It's not about the money. 

It's always been about the Speed Bag. #KeepPunching. 

Meet the Team: 

Alan Kahn - Author of The Speed Bag Bible  

 Tim Platt - Owner of Speedbagforums.coms / Avid Speed Bagger, master level. Initiated and organized the Annual Speed Bag Gathering 

Joe Saba  - Creator, Producer, Director, Editor, Video and Audio production of "The ART Of The BAG": A Speed Bag Story - Documentary. / Avid Speed Bagger, Master Level.